Flight Training

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We can help you earn a pilot certificate, add an instrument or multi-engine rating, complete an endorsement for high-performance and complex aircraft, transition to technically advanced “glass cockpit” airplanes, and maintain your proficiency. If you’re a veteran or plan to finance your flight training with a student loan, you can learn with confidence at Galvin Flying. Our flight-training department is an FAA-approved Part 141 and Part 61 school.

This video was filmed, edited and given to Galvin Flying from Santiago Nicolas Varas Saavedra after he completed his training with us. Thank you Santiago for training with us and creating such an incredible view of flight training in the Pacific Northwest at Galvin Flying.

Flight Reviews

Whether you flew yesterday, or have not flown in many years, most pilots must complete a flight review every 24 months (per FAR requirements). Galvin Flying’s instructors tailor your flight review to your background, the types of aircraft you fly, and your typical flying activity. While the FAA requirements for completing a flight review specify 1 hour of ground instruction and 1 hour of dual (in-aircraft) instruction, an instructor endorsement for completion of the flight review is determined by the pilot’s proficiency. With that in mind, it is reasonable to expect more time will be required for a pilot without much recent experience. Have your own aircraft? Galvin instructors will be happy to provide flight reviews in your plane

Instrument Proficiency Checks

Pilots who operate under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) must meet several requirements to maintain their currency. If you haven’t flown the minimum number of instrument approaches and logged other related experience within the last year, you must complete an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC). You can complete many of the tasks required for an IPC in Galvin Flying’s flight-training devices, making the process more efficient and effective. Have your own aircraft? Galvin instructors will be happy to provide instrument proficiency training in your plane.

Advanced Avionics/Glass-Cockpit Training

Galvin Flying provides high-caliber flight training in one of the most modern, comprehensive fleets in the Puget Sound region. Our investment in flight training devices matches our fleet of aircraft, and our instructors can safely and efficiently support your flight training goals—from private pilot to airline crew. Specifically; in-depth training may be accomplished one-on-one with a Galvin instructor, utilizing many resources ranging from PC trainers and course material to flight training devices and aircraft.

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